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If you find yourself dealing with technology when you would rather be making money, lets talk!

We can show you how you can manage your firm's technology more cost-effectively and efficiently than you do today.

CDSystems is a Computers Support and Technology Services firm with 30 years of experience.   We have expertise in everything technology from Computers, Servers, Cloud and other Managed Services, Cybersecurity, Application Support, Web Development and Support, Email, Networking, Disaster Continuity services and more.

Computers - CDSystems will make sure your desktop and laptop computers have the latest patches and anti-malware software installed. We specialize in desktop imaging, and swift recovery from computer slow-downs and crashes.

Servers - We have extensive experience in planning and deploying server-based business applications both in the office and in the Cloud. CDSystems has a proactive system of customizable alerts so technical problems can be addressed before they become business problems.

Business Applications - Whether you run your own Applications in your office or use web-based Applications for your business we can develop new functionality or simply manage your web-based Applications for you.

Cybersecurity - If you think you've been hacked or want to make sure you aren't hacked, we will do a free assessment, investigate and repair your computer systems, and make sure you are compliant with government regulations for your industry including providing regulatory response documentation. For example, if you accept credit cards, you must be PCI compliant. We can make sure you are not only compliant with the regulations that apply to your business, but have the documentation to prove it.

Backup and Disaster Continuity - Do you have a plan in place to recover your business in the event of a disaster? Do you do regular backups of your Computers and Servers? CDSystems specializes in Backup, Recovery, and Disaster Continuity. We will test your backups and set up a Disaster Recovery and Continuity plan that works for your business, not just for the computers themselves.

Email - Are you using a secure email system? Would you like to have email encryption for added security? Would you like to put your email system in the Cloud so you don't have to manage it yourself? CDSystems will set up secure, private, cloud-based email using your own domain name.

Remote Access - If you find yourself running into the office just to take care of one or two small things and would rather do them from home, CDSystems will set up a secure Remote Access system that you can access from any web browser or mobile device to get to your internal computer systems.

Contact CDSystems for a free consultation on any of the above services and more so you can get back to the business of making money!


New York, NY