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The GDPR places legal obligations on all data controllers and processors. A data controller is defined as the entity which determines the purposes and means of processing personal data, and the data processor is defined as the entity which processes the personal data on behalf of the controller. GDPR applies to processing carried out by organizations within the EU as well as organizations outside the EU that process or control data related to living EU residents or nationals.

If you don’t already have the required security tools and controls in place, your organization will need to implement several new security controls, policies, and procedures in order to demonstrate GDPR compliance.

CDSystems will take the following steps to prepare you for the GDPR:

1. Implement a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool that includes Log Management and adheres to compliance requirements.

2. Create an inventory of critical assets that store and/or process sensitive data to allow for more stringent controls to be applied

3. Conduct a Risk Assessment and apply threat models that are relevant to your business

4. Perform Vulnerability scanning to identify weaknesses that can be exploited.

5. Deploy Integrated Security Products that you have a high level of confidence will protect and report on the environment, including Threat Detection controls that inform you reliably in a timely manner when a breach occurs.

6. Test regularly to insure that security controls are effective and generate reports that demonstrate compliance.

7. Monitor your network as well as user behavior to identify and investigate security incidents in a timely manner.

8. Create a documented, tested, and practiced Incident Response plan that includes communication to notify relevant parties and regulatory agencies as required.

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