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CDSystems has been working in the Travel and Hospitality industry providing IT Development and Support services since 1974. For many years now, cybersecurity has been a primary concern of government organizations and the banking sector, but the hospitality and travel industry is just beginning to acknowledge the importance of online security in its day-to-day operations. Each travel operator, hotel or transport company handles sensitive customer data as well as on their own staff and suppliers. The consequences of organizations experiencing online data breaches are now higher than ever before. For instance, if a travel operator is hacked, leaking thousands of personal addresses of customers, they face significant financial, legal and reputational ramifications. The loss of customer confidence in the operator and the legal costs of any resulting identity theft would be a significant impact on any travel operator. As businesses within the travel and hospitality sector grow, so too does their global footprint of sensitive data.

All industry‐specific cybersecurity regulations exist to shrink risk. Penetration testing is a valuable way to uncover areas of weakness and vulnerability which, in turn, can be remediated to reduce the risk of a breach or other cyber event.

Anyone who wants to answer the following questions should consider penetration testing and a risk assessment:

“How hackable is my network by a bad actor with Internet access?”

“If my defenses allow a breach to occur, what could a hacker or malicious software do to damage or steal private information?”

“Is my Internet‐facing website susceptible?”

What makes Penetration Testing and Risk Assessments so important to your business?

Identify weaknesses, vulnerabilities and exploits in the organization’s information systems, networks, and applications.

Improve the overall security posture of the organization - Penetration testing plays a critical role in an organization’s ability to defend against security threats.

Reduce organizational risk - The process can identify existing vulnerabilities and exploits in an organization’s information technology assets, including operating systems, applications, and devices.

Compliance Support - Risk Assessments and Penetration testing can satisfy organization’s regulatory, commercial, and organizational compliance requirements..

Test security investments - Penetration testing and Risk Assessments measure the effectiveness of the security controls that are currently in place.

What's Included?

There are three types of penetration testing. Depending on your environment, current security needs, and past assessments, you may want to consider one or more of them. We perform:

External Penetration Testing - Identifies weaknesses that could be exploited from the outside. We perform reconnaissance on the weaknesses and then attempt to actively exploit weaknesses using an advanced mix of automated and manual tools that are both open‐ and closed‐source.

Internal Penetration Testing – Like external penetration testing, but performed on devices from the inside of your network.

Web Application Penetration – Following the OWASP Top Ten framework, our security engineers perform a series of in‐depth security tests such as cross‐site scripting, SQL injection, authentication bypass, or invalid redirects to bypass security controls. Detailed reporting and remediation recommendations will help you secure your web application from real world hackers.

Risk Assessment – We gather information about the business and how it operates. Workflows, data, and systems are mapped out and risk values and statements are assigned. Based on the results of the evaluation, we create a custom security plan designed to meet your businsess needsAn information security plan will be created to document initiatives for the upcoming year. The resulting documentation will serve as a roadmap built according to your unique risk, resources, and business environment.

Working together with you, we work to safeguard your assets, protect your reputations, and allow you to pursue your strategic and fiscal objectives with confidence.

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