I've been reading about the healthcare industry being held hostage by Ransomware caused by phishing attacks. There isn't anyone else I would trust to come in, educate my staff on what to look out for and check all our technology and business tools for leaks that could let someone do this to us. I fee much more confident now that we had Cardinal come in and take preventive measures to protect us.

- Gene F. (Financial Services)

We have been working with CDS for years now. They are our go-to team for all our IT needs. We haven't been disappointed yet.

- Roger D. (a P&C Insurance company)

We were concerned that we had been compromised and our data had been exposed through the Internet. We contacted Cardinal Data and their Cyber-Security team performed a thorough assessment and tested the network. They even gave us a check list of things to fix and helped us manage the remediation of our environment.

- Aaron T. (a Collection agency)

The large search firms were unable to find the "purple squirrel", someone with just the right skills and business knowledge. CDS presented us with three qualified candidates and it was absolutely worth the wait. They did more than just check skills. CDS made certain our new employee would be able to succeed in their new role. That is rare to find in a recruiter.

- Donna G (a Pharmaceutical firm)


From Financial Services, Insurance, Legal and other industries we’re all over IT. We solve technical problems that can open the back door to hackers from the simplest computer misconfigurations to plugging the holes in your environment.

  • We specialize in Ransomware Prevention and other cyber-security services.

  • We offer Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests as part of a comprehensive process that mitigates the risk of being victimized by cyber criminals, or Black Hat hackers.

  • We don't just run automated tools and generate a report that no one understands. We make sure we understand all the holes that need to be plugged and that our findings are fully understood, and an action plan developed to mitigate security risks.


  • March 2016 Cardinal Data Systems followed up on an internal IT Security Audit with a Penetration Test and Social Engineering Test that identified significant Ransomware and other security risks for a financial services firm in the NY Metro Area.

  • January 2016 Cardinal Data Systems identified a key resource in the development of a virtual desktop infrastructure for a pharmaceutical research firm located in the northeast.

  • November 2015 CDS Migrates Multiple organizations' email to Office 365. Clients have complex mail configurations including oversize mailboxes, cloud-based attachments, calendar collaboration, multiple inbound and outbound aliasing and a mix of mobile devices that needed to be securely configured to access internal messaging systems.

  • September 2015 CDS Migrates Legacy green screen application to current hardware platform using latest version of a bare-metal hypervisor, and in the process frees the client from aging hardware and simplifys disaster recovery.

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