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Cardinal Data Systems, Inc. has been in business as an IT services firm since 1974. We are largely comprised of hands-on technical IT professionals with expertise in the Cyber-Security, Architecture and Engineering space. Our Information Security specialists have extensive expertise not only in Cyber Security, but in Network Engineering, Systems Architecture and Disaster Recovery, all key components in preventing cyber attacks, particularly one of the most prevalent attack platforms, Ransomware. This focused approach has demonstrated its value with financial institutions, healthcare, legal, pharmaceutical and retail firms.

We are Information Security professionals in the business of preventing our clients from falling victim to one of the biggest Digital Pandemics the world has ever seen. We perform a custom evaluation of your technology environment in preparation for   Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests. We don't just target automated tools at your network as many firms do. We take the time to understand your business and the points of entry into your environment with a particular focus on the weaknesses that exist. Many weakenesses exist due to lack of employee training and vulnerabilities exploited by social engineering.   Check out this Forbes article entitled, "Cyber Risk: People Are Often The Weakest Link In The Security Chain" We use highly qualified Information Security professionals along with Technology and Business specialists as part of a comprehensive service that includes an assessment of your business applications and supporting infrastructure. We focus on the Social Engineering aspect of cyber attacks, Disaster Recovery, and Penetration Tests as disciplines to protect your business and the Remediation efforts required to mitigate the risk of business interruption. We manage the project from end to end, insuring that you fully understand our findings, their business impact, and exactly what needs to be done to remedy critical vulnerabilities that can affect your business.

Our focus is on preventing the cyber attack from occuring in the first place. We believe that every business should have at least one Penetration Test each year to protect the technology environment, customer assets, employee and customer information and to insure technology compliance such as PCI, FISMA, HIPAA, ISO as well as other industry standards. The cost of the assessment and testing easily offsets the potential cost and damage to your business should your systems' vulnerabilities be exploited and your clients find their confidential data exposed on the Internet.

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