Penetration Testing and Audit

Every business should have a Cyber-Security Assessment and Penetration Test at least annually. This is proposed in the NY State NYCRR Financial Services Law. The cost of the test is easily offset by regulaatory penalties and the potential risk and costs associated with cleaning up after vulnerabilities have been exploited and your clients' assets have been exposed to the world. ...Read more...

Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment

Our forensics experts will review your technology environment and perform manual testing and social engineered tests to determine the extent of your business risk. In addition we can assist you in developing a Cybersecurity Program and prepare for new regulations that require the deployment of such technologies as Multi-Factor Authentication and Risk-Based Authentication. We can assist you in identifying a CISO for your organization and gear your environment towards a Defensive Cybersecurity Infrastructure. ...Read more...

Employee Training

Most vulnerabilities are exploited when an employee clicks on a seemingly safe link or email attachment, exposing your entire organization to Ransomware and other malware. Ransomware alone has pulled in over $121MM in the first have of 2016 alone. We can train your staff in what to look out for and how to avoid becoming a victim of these insidious threats. ...Read more...

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